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BA(Hons) Criminology

  • Manchester|London|Birmingham|Leeds

Course overview

Unleash your potential with our criminology programme at Student Direct. Our comprehensive program provides you with a deep understanding of behavior, victimization, the criminal justice system, media portrayals of crime, and the future of social control. Gain the knowledge and skills you need to make a difference in the world of criminology. Delve into a diverse spectrum of criminal activities, victimisation experiences, and miscarriages of justice to gain the knowledge and skills needed for a career in the field. Our comprehensive programme empowers you to pursue your passion for criminology and make a positive impact in the world. Our comprehensive curriculum prepares you for potential career paths such as a police or probation officer, or roles in human rights, criminal investigation, and intelligence services. Kick-start your future with Student Direct. What can I do after this course ? •Criminal justice system (police, prison, the courts, or probation) •Criminal investigation •Criminal Justice research •Government, social, or community services •Voluntary sector ​ •Working with charities •NGOs (non-governmental organisations) •Work with the home office •Higher education

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