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Trusted Higher Education Institutions

Student Direct has the tools to connect students with the prestigious Universities and Colleges around the world, as well as connect applicants with the right course for all of their future plans and previous qualifications. If you want to be a student in Europe in the United Kingdom or a student in Holland in the truly magnificent  city of Amsterdam or even if you want to apply to become a student in America in Canada Toronto we can help you. Learn about the support we offer below. Get in touch with us today.

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Professional and Friendly Support

100% free professional support offered with NO hidden charges!

Simulation of the Academic Interview

We are the only agency to offer a SIMULATION of the Academic Interview

There is funding available with Student Finance

We have experts in accessing Student Loans through the Student Loan Company.


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1. Experience

Our team of advisors, who hail from a wide range of disciplines and have been in your shoes, knows the anguish of trying to figure out a place and kind of study. As a result of our years of experience, we have a firm grasp of the specific academic needs of our clients.

2. Heterogeneity 

The diversification of Student Direct's methods for attracting new students is a top goal. Because of the growing variety of our student body, we are able to provide our students with a more representative and friendly environment, therefore expanding their pool of potential educational institutions.

3. Local Support

We understand the difficulties that students have when deciding where to study and what to study. Every student gets advice tailored specifically to them, advice that takes into account their individual needs and goals as well as the most recent data available on the academic institutions.

4. Professional team

Our team has the knowledge and insight to offer innovative suggestions and research-based solutions for contemporary student recruiting strategies.

We comprehend the market and can foresee trends, allowing you to optimise your tactics and make sure you receive the most qualified inquiries.

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Our Vision

We Work Together We Grow Together

A smooth admission process

Our student recruitment procedures have been designed with the student in mind.

In order to create a smooth admission process for the future students and also for the institutions we work with Student Direct created the Academic Interview Simulation a great way for students to building confidence and a great way for Student Direct to sending prepared students to our partner universities around the globe.


Once Student Direct is advised on the preferred course and University our free educational consultancy is provided on the exact steps.

The  Academic Interview is the student chance to learn to manage their emotions.

Students Chatting

Unparalleled range of courses

Student Direct covers a wide range of courses and entry levels starting from Pre-sessional English Courses, Foundation year courses, Undergraduate Courses, Postgraduates Courses and Master.

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16 Centurion Road, B38 9FH, Birmingham, West Midlands

+44 7466924973

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